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When Should I Go to Urgent Care for Lacerations?

If you have a cut or wound that isn’t responding to home care we can help here at Brooklyn Urgent Care. The first indication that you need to go to urgent care in Brooklyn is that the laceration is more than a quarter of an inch deep. After you have covered the cut or wound with a bandage, if the bleeding doesn’t stop within 10 minutes you may need stitches. Finally, if the cut is on the face, such as near the eyes or mouth, you want to get medical care. Also if your laceration is causing you pain, numbness, or immobility come to our Brooklyn medical facility. We will be able to treat your cut successfully while saving you money and time otherwise spent at the ER or waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

What Will Ashraf Salem, MD Do for My Cuts or Open Wounds at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

When you come to see Ashraf Salem, MD or one of the other doctors at Brooklyn Urgent Care we will see you promptly. First, we will clean your wound thoroughly. Next, your urgent care doctor will access the wound to see if you have any nerve, muscle, or bone damage. If needed we will suture the wound to stop it from bleeding. We can also provide other emergency

services related to the laceration, such as x-rays or fracture care. If needed we will give you a prescription for antibiotics, as well as pain medication to help ease the ache.

If I Have a Medical Condition and Receive a Laceration, Can Urgent Care Doctors in Brooklyn Help Me?

Often when a patient has a chronic condition, such as diabetes or a suppressed immune system, they are more likely to need urgent care in Brooklyn. So for a person with diabetes, for example, who gets a laceration on the arm that isn’t too deep, they may not be able to heal properly. This can lead to infection so you want to seek medical attention. Here at Brooklyn Urgent Care, we can help you treat lacerations even if you have a chronic medical condition.


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that involves super fine needles being inserted into your skin. The primary use for acupuncture is pain relief. The way this works is by stimulating the nerves, connective tissue, and muscles. This stimulation encourages inflammation into areas that are causing you pain, such as lower back pain or neck pain. This helps to speed up healing in these areas so that your body can reduce inflammation and swelling more quickly. In return, you benefit from natural pain relief. As for pain during acupuncture, you will not feel anything more than a light sting as the needles are inserted. Afterward, you are provided with aftercare advice by Brooklyn Urgent Care that will help your body continue to heal from the treatment.

Why Should I Consider Acupuncture for Pain Management?

If you are looking for pain management methods that do not involve prescription painkillers, yet are effective, acupuncture is an ideal choice. It is used to treat several medical conditions and diseases including osteoarthritis, dental pain, headaches, labor pain, menstrual cramping, and fibromyalgia. For individuals, such as expecting mothers, acupuncture is a useful tool for pain management since it doesn’t have any adverse side effects.

What Can I Expect With Acupuncture Services at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

When you come to Brooklyn Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY to receive acupuncture you are in good hands. Our team of medical doctors use acupuncture as part of a pain management solution. We also provide physical therapy and chiropractic care along with acupuncture to help you relieve your physical pain holistically. Ashraf Salem, MD is trained in acupuncture, giving him the professional experience and methods needed for you to take advantage of this procedure. Also since your acupuncturist is your medical doctor you can rest assured that your overall health is considered during acupuncture sessions.


What Does Chiropractic Care at Brooklyn Urgent Care Involve?

At Brooklyn Urgent Care we use chiropractic care for pain relief, as well as to stimulate healing and treat conditions. Your chiropractic treatment begins with a spinal adjustment, which typically involves manual therapy. During a chiropractic adjustment, your spinal column is massaged to loosen the vertebrae. If needed we may also use spinal decompression to stretch your spine, depending on your pain relief needs. Once the spine is loose or stretched your Brooklyn chiropractor is able to work with the vertebrae. If you have a slipped, swollen, or herniated disc this can be alleviated during an adjustment. Otherwise, your spinal column is realigned in the proper position during a chiropractic adjustment.

What are the Benefits of a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment realigns your spine, as well as your musculoskeletal system as a whole. This involves everything from your neck and head muscles to your pelvic bones and hipflexors. When the spine is out of alignment this causes other limbs, parts, and organs to be out of position. As a result, they can rub and irritate, causing your internal pain, such as sciatic nerve pain, headaches, and even sinus pressure. By putting your spine back into its proper position the rest of your body can function more efficiently and without inflammation. This, in turn, helps you reduce aches and pain.

What are Some of the Conditions That Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care?

For musculoskeletal issues, such as low back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, chiropractic care is ideal. Chiropractic care is also helpful for chronic pain and diseases, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and allergies. If you are searching for a way to treat painful conditions naturally, chiropractic care is a viable solution. By getting regular chiropractic adjustments at Brooklyn Urgent Care you can also help your body to avoid musculoskeletal pain from striking.


How Can Physical Therapy at BKUC Help Me With Pain Management?

The primary way that physical therapy at BKUC helps with pain management is through active rehabilitation. By increasing your mobility and strengthening your muscles you are able to heal faster from injuries, such as auto injuries or sports injuries. As a result, you can reduce the pain in your body at a quicker pace than you would without physical therapy. Physical therapy also involves stimulating the body with feel-good hormones that work as natural pain relieving chemicals. These endorphins help you to overcome pain naturally, while physical therapy also builds up your strength and stability.

What are Some of the Methods Used in Physical Therapy?

Most people are aware of movement therapy including exercise that is used in physical therapy. However, physical therapy can also include cold laser therapy that works to reduce inflammation. It can also include hands-on therapeutic massage to manipulate soft tissue, bones, and joints. There are many types of physical therapy that can benefit individuals as part of their pain management. Just as every patient is different, we understand that each person reacts differently to physical therapy. That is why here at Brooklyn Urgent Care we customize your physical therapy program in relation to your pain management.

Why Should I Consider Going to Brooklyn Urgent Care for Physical Therapy?

At Brooklyn Urgent Care your doctors are ready to assist you with personalized pain management that includes physical therapy. We use this method in conjunction with other pain management techniques, such as acupuncture and chiropractic care. As your physical therapist in Brooklyn, NY we will discuss your pain issues prior to and during your therapy for pain management. Our mission is to help you relieve your pain naturally using physical therapy when feasible for your condition. If you do need pain medication, such as to alleviate chronic pain while in physical therapy, our doctors are able to assist you with that area of pain management, as well.


Why is Diagnostic Imaging Useful?

By being able to provide patients with diagnostic imaging at Brooklyn Urgent Care, we can save you time and money while improving your pain management. Using imaging techniques, such as x-rays or ultrasounds, your urgent care doctor will be able to see what is going on inside of you. For issues, such as bone fractures or internal pain, diagnostic imaging lets us help you without performing exploratory surgery. As a result, we can diagnose your condition faster, without the costly use of surgical procedures, as well as more efficiently. This means we can provide you with the best pain management solution possible for your current medical situation.

What Types of Diagnostic Imaging is Available at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

Here at Brooklyn Urgent Care, we have the technology on site for several diagnostic imaging techniques. These include x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds. X-rays are useful for viewing the musculoskeletal system, while MRIs are used to view the brain. Ultrasounds are most commonly associated with pregnancy. However, we also use ultrasounds to check your blood flow and internal organs. These methods help us to diagnose your medical condition so we can best manage your pain here at BKUC.

Is Diagnostic Imaging Safe to Use?

Yes, diagnostic imaging methods including x-rays and MRIs are safe to use when provided by a healthcare professional. The amount of radiation used with diagnostic imaging is very low, which is why the medical industry as a whole has accepted the use of imaging. However, to ensure your total safety we only use diagnostic imaging when we are sure that it can benefit your health. If you have additional questions about the safety of diagnostic imaging please talk to your Brooklyn Urgent Care doctor. We would love to answer your questions regarding this diagnostic tool.


What is EKG?

An EKG is an electrocardiogram that tests the electrical activity in your heart. An EKG test is performed by placing electrodes on the skin. It is quick and painless to get an EKG test done. During an EKG test, your heart’s electrical activity is recorded as line sketching across a sheet of paper. When there are spikes and dips in the heart activity sketching, these are known as waves. These waves measure the electrical impulse of each heartbeat. During a wave, the heart muscle pumps to squeeze and move blood from the heart. An EKG shows the timing of these waves, or pumps, to determine if there is anything out of sync with your heartbeat or heart.

Why Should I Get an EKG?

If you think you have heart problems or are suffering from chest pains, your doctor can use an EKG to gather two types of data. Your Brooklyn Urgent Care doctor may use an EKG test to find out how long it takes for electrical waves to pass in your heart. This is done to test if your heartbeat is irregular, fast, slow, or just right. Your doctor can also use an EKG to find out how much electrical activity is taking place in your heart. This can help them determine if your heart is enlarged or overworked.

How Do I Get an EKG Test at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

If you have an urgent care emergency that requires an EKG test you can get this done at BKUC. This is one of our diagnostic tools that we use to help patients in emergency medical situations. For patients suffering from chest pain or heart-related problems, we can use the EKG test to make a better diagnosis. Please visit Brooklyn Urgent Care immediately if you are suffering from pains in the chest so that we can diagnose your condition.


What is the Difference Between a Bone Fracture and a Break?

When you have a fracture this is a bone that is broken. In other words, there isn’t a difference between a fracture and a break. There are several types of fractures including a stress fracture that is a hairline crack in the bone, as well as a compound fracture where the bone breaks out of the skin. You can have a fracture caused by trauma and injury, as well as overuse or disease within the bone. If you think you have a bone fracture it is important to seek urgent care assistance at BKUC immediately for treatment.

Can I Go to Brooklyn Urgent Care for Fractures?

Yes, we treat patients with fractures here at Brooklyn Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY. For minor broken bones, such as a fractured collarbone, broken finger, or broken toe, we can set that bone for you in-house. We can also work with your orthopedic specialist for more advanced fractures that require extensive treatment. Additionally, we work with pharmacies to help you get your medication for pain, as well as antibiotics and meds for inflammation fast.

What Can I Expect When Going to Brooklyn Urgent Care for a Bone Fracture?

When you come to Brooklyn Urgent Care for a bone fracture we begin with a physical examination to check for visible signs of a fracture. We will also ask you questions regarding how and why you believe you have a fracture. Next, we will use x-rays to determine if the bone is fractured and the extent of the injury. Thanks to the convenience of our in-house x-ray equipment we can get your x-rays taken expediently and in an affordable way. Using this information we are able to either set your fracture or refer you to a specialist for more advanced bone fractures.


If I Think I Have a Broken Bone can I Get Help at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

Yes, we offer comprehensive medical care for a broken bone including onsite x-rays at Brooklyn Urgent Care. By allowing you to get an x-ray here at our urgent care center you save time and money compared to going to an emergency room. Additionally, we can use the information provided by the x-ray to determine how to treat your broken bone. For minor injuries including clean breaks, we may be able to set your bone and provide you with medication. Our dedicated coordinator will work with your primary care physician, specialist, and pharmacy to help you achieve a full recovery.

What Types of X-ray Services are Available at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

Here at Brooklyn Urgent Care, we provide x-ray services for patients in our urgent care center. These x-rays are typically used for examining upper and lower extremities, as well as lungs, the spine, abdominal area, and pelvis. If you need an x-ray for an injury, such as a compound fracture or broken bone, we can help you. Our in-house x-ray machine allows us to assist you in rapid time.

How Do I Get an X-ray at Brooklyn Urgent Care?

At Brooklyn Urgent Care you do not need an appointment to get an x-ray. We are open 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday to assist your medical needs. You can walk into our facility to get an x-ray, or use our convenient Skip the Wait option to reserve your spot from your home. We make x-ray services for urgent care in Brooklyn as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Let our doctors help you with your fractures, broken bones, or internal aches today by getting an x-ray at Brooklyn Urgent Care.

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